In the SAGD (Steam Assisted Gravity Drainage) process, steam is injected into a deep horizontal well to super heat the bitumen that is then pumped to the surface. Then a small amount is sampled off and taken for evaluation.

Project Snapshot

Oil and Gas

Meg Energy

Fans suitable to be mounted outdoors in classified areas H2S is also present.

Volatile vapours present when personnel are sampling oil in sample box.


The Bitumen samples were collected in a small building “sample shack” where volatile and hazardous vapours were present. Personnel could be at risk if the space wasn’t properly ventilated. Space was also at a premium in the shack.

Easton Solution

It was determined that the fan needed to be mounted outside but it was still consider to be classified location so the fan had to be built to meet these requirements. The fan was to be mounted on the building in a straight through ducted arrangement. Easton Industrial Air contracted Aerovent to build a special 14″ FRP (Fibreglass Reinforced Plastic) axial flow fan. This “sample” fan was run tested with the client’s Engineer present in Calgary then sent to site to complete the evaluation. All in all more than a 150 fans were provided over a number of months.