After completion of the Kearl Oil Sands Phase 1 Validation module in 2009.  Imperial Oil was looking for vendors to work with throughout all of the Phases of the Kearl Oil Sands Project. Easton Industrial Air became the chosen vendor that would be utilized throughout the frame agreement to supply all of the HVAC for Kearl Project. The motto for Kearl was to Design 1 and Build Many (D1BM). It was determined that the significant requirements for documentation would become a deliverable on future purchase orders.

This enabled Imperial Oil to streamline, equipment, schedules and significant costs with each additional phase moving forward. The next Phase of Kearl Expansion Project opened 5 months ahead of schedule due to the hard work achieved in the Initial Development.

Project Snapshot

Oil and Gas

Imperial Oil Limited

Provide technical specified HVAC equipment to meet the requirements for each specific application.

Design 1 and build many meeting each specific requirement D1BM


Imperial Oil contracted multiple engineering, procurement, and construction contractors to execute the Kearl Oil Sands projects. Easton Industrial Air was tasked with working on separate buildings with separate engineering contractors to pull together an overall uniformed design. The engineers were very specific in the design criteria required for the HVAC equipment. It was very important to get the design correct on the first phase, as there were many phases to follow and keeping in form with the D1BM principal.

Additional challenges were that the equipment was to be assembled into their fabricated units in Korea. Equipment was then disassembled and shipped back for installation in Northern Alberta. Easton Industrial Air worked with the EPC logistics departments to co-ordinate the massive amount of equipment being shipped to Korea.

Easton Solution

Easton Industrial Air worked closely with the engineers to create a complete and compact HVAC solution. Easton Industrial Air supplied over 250 pieces of equipment for the first phase of Kearl Initial Development with more to follow in the sequential phases. With the second Kearl Expansion Project opening 5 months ahead of schedule resulted in cost savings for Imperial Oil Resources Ventures Ltd.