The Calgary Fire Department has many facility buildings throught out the city. The station bays are in constant motion and the fast changing Calgary climate can drastically change the indoor climate. Constant activity in the facility must be able to provide a stable environment from the city workers.

The large doors for accoidating the fire trucks allows heat to escape particularly in the winter climate of Calgary. This results in a huge cost for the city to keep fire stations comfortable for their employees.

Project Snapshot

Calgary Fire Department

City of Calgary

Industrial Air Barriers

Energy efficient and cost savings

Industrial Air Barriers which uses the existing air to seal the interior climate from the exterior conditions of the building.


Provide a solution to be energy efficience and cost saving. With doors opeing at anytime of the day and night the heat loss is significant. Also to help with the reduction of dust, fumes and insects during the summer months.

Easton Solution

Easton Industrial Air provided Air Barriers that enhance the building effiency, loering operating costs and reduces wear on the heating and cooling systems already in place. The Air Barrier re-circulates facility air in a uniformly smooth flow across an open doorway, creating an effective seal. So the warm air in the winter and the cool air in the summer stays inside the building while the outdoor air is sealed off from entering. This eliminates dust, insects and other fumes from entering the facility.