Easton Industrial Air offers a selection of industrial dampers manufactured in Canada. The dampers may be constructed from extruded aluminum, galvanized or stainless steel to meet your specifications. There a number of different configurations and blade types to choose from:

Opposed Blade – The damper blades are placed adjacent to one another and rotate in opposite directions under this configuration. This is typically used to regulate airflow when in conjunction with a modulating actuator.

Parallel Blade – The damper blades are set to rotate in the same direction, parallel to each other. This arrangement is generally used if the damper is set to operate in two positions, either closed or open.

Airfoil Blade – These are the most commonly used blades in conjunction with a fan system that may require higher static pressures. They are built with a hollow centre and shaped like an airplane wing. These blades are among the most efficient and generally the most quiet.

Insulated – These blades are generally installed at the outside wall for low temperature requirements to close off cold outside air and maintain building heat.

Backdraft Dampers – Used in conjunction with a fan to automatically open when the fan starts and is closed by gravity when the fan is powered down.

We will customize the size, type, finish, and configuration to suit your project requirements. Please contact us to see how we can meet your expectations.

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