Fans For Hazardous Locations

Fans For Hazardous Locations

We at Easton Air know that industrial ventilation is required in all manner of locations including Hazardous Locations. This is defined as an explosive atmosphere that can include flammable dusts, combustible vapors, gases, liquids, or ignitable fibers and particles. To be allowed in any such environments, our ventilation products require UL hazardous locations certifications to indicate that the product adheres to the relevant safety standards for these environments.

When assessing hazardous conditions, it is necessary to contemplate the hazardous
material (gases or dusts) itself, whether the substance will interact with the environment (air, employees, and equipment), probability of explosion due to the environmental causes, and the degree of the potential effects this may have. The careful assessment of the hazards will ensure the customer can provide accurate information to Easton Industrial Air so we may assist a correct identification of the necessary equipment located in the hazardous location.

We build numerous styles and types of fans to meet your explosion proof requirements including UL Certification for Canada and the United States as well as ATEX Certification for Europe. Contact us for more detailed information.

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