Engineering Services

Engineering Services

Easton Industrial Air offers engineering services. We work closely with clients in determining design requirements and problem definition for all their Mechanical HVAC needs. Design requirements assist in design of the process being developed and can include feasibility studies.

  • Feasibility Studies – Purpose of a feasibility assessment is to have an evaluation of the potential of the proposed project and aid in decision-making. The project is assessed and based on an achievable idea that can be executed within cost constraints
    and proceed into the design phase.
  • Conceptualization – This is the early phase of the design process in which the bigger picture of design is formed and articulated. This often leads into the next phase the FEED.
  • Preliminary Design – This phase is also known as Front End Engineering Design and is the basic engineering, which comes after the conceptual phase. The FEED phase focuses on technical requirements as well as rough investment cost for the project.
    • FEED Deliverables include:
      • Updated Design Base Memorandum
      • Project Schedules Level 1
      • Cost Estimates (+/- 25%)
      • Project Execution Strategy
      • Permitting & Regulatory Compliance Plan
      • PFD & PUD preliminary drawings
      • Preliminary Sizing equipment & Specifications
    • Detailed Engineering Design – Following FEED is the detailed engineering phase and in this phase design is refined and include 2D & 3D models, P&IDs, cost estimates, procurement plans. A spreadsheet below identifies full detailed deliverables per discipline & FEED.





General Basic Engineering Design Data
Hazardous area Classification X X
Fire Water demand calculation Prelim Final
Fire & Gas Detection layout X
Fire water network layout drawing IFD IFC
Safety Philosophy X X
Environment Impact Assessment X X
Process Profess Flow Diagrams (PFDs) X X
Heat & Material Balances X X
Equipment List X X
Process Description X X
Operating Manual X
Equipment Process Data Sheets X X
Instrument Process Data Sheets Control Valves ALL
Emergency shutdown philosophy X X
Causes & Effects Diagrams X X
Thermal Design & Data Sheets X X
Utility Balance Prelim Final
Flare Study Relief Load Final
Mechanical Equipment Specifications X X
Equipment mechanical design X X
Equipment Mechanical Data Sheet X X
Requisition for inquiry/purchase Main Equipment ALL
Technical Bid Tabulation Main Equipment ALL
Vendor Follow-up X
Plant Layout General Plot Plan X X
Unit Plot Plan IFD IFC
3D Model Review Main Equipment ALL
Piping Installation Piping Route drawings X
Piping Studies & Layout drawings X
Piping General Arrangement drawings X
Isometric drawings X
Piping/Material General Specification for piping materials X X
Piping classes summary X X
Material Selection & corrosion control X X
Special Piping Items Classification X
Standard Drawings Design Install
Piping MTO P & IDs Model
Instrumentation & Control Control System specification X X
Instrument data sheets Control Valves ALL
Instrumentation & Automation Design X X
System Architectural Drawing X X
System I/O sizing X X
Instrument List X X
Material Requisitions X
Material Take-Offs X
Cable Schedule X
Loop Diagrams X
Hook-Up Drawings Standard Assigned
Control & tech equipment arrangement Prelim Final
Cable routing drawings Prelim Final
Civil Soil Investigation Specifications X X
Underground Network drawings General Area
Design Specifications X X
Civil Works Specifications Main ALL
Guide/ outline drawings X
Design Drawings X
Calculations X
Drainage network calculation X X
Concrete/steel standard drawings IFD IFC
Building architectural drawings X X
Material Take-offs Prelim Final
Electrical One line Diagram Prelim X
Electrical Consumers list General Switchgear
Equipment General Specification Prelim Final
Electrical Design specification X X
Equipment data sheet HV, MV LV
Material Requisitions X
Standard Drawings Design Install
Specification for bulk X
Material Take-Offs Prelim Final
Cable Schedule Prelim Final
Substation Equipment Arrangement Prelim Final
Cable Routing Drawings Prelim Final
Calculations Prelim Final