Easton Industrial Air is involved in a number of different market sectors and provides many types of industrial ventilation equipment. Naturally, there can be a number of questions that come up when assessing our products. Please review the frequently asked questions below to see how we can answer your needs:

There are many factors that could contribute to poor performance, such as underestimating system effect to improper installation or poor maintenance. We’ll start you off with Aerovent’s Fan Performance Troubleshooting Guide and offer technical assistance beyond that as well.
Aerovent’s state of the art testing facility is maintained as an AMCA accredited laboratory for air performance testing and product certification.
Typically Easton Industrial Air has sold industrial products to the Oil Sands, Oil and Gas and Petrochemical markets, however we also serve the power generation, mining, pulp & paper, laboratory, water treatment, snowmaking and agricultural industries as well as hazardous locations.
Yes. We have over the years developed many custom D1BM (Design One Build Many) equipment packages used on numerous mega projects.
Aerovent provides a comprehensive line of industrial coatings, such as electrostatic powder coating, hot dipped galvanizing, epoxy and marine duty finishes. Aerovent’s fully automated paint assembly line provides exceptional results and precise mil thicknesses. We can also match these coatings to other products like dampers and louvers.
We have developed a modulating filtered make up air (MUA) unit that captures waste building ambient heated air mixed with fresh air, in many cases eliminating the need for electric or gas heating. We also provide air barriers from Enershield that creates a buffer between the building opening and outside air, maintaining indoor temperatures thus lowering heating costs significantly.
We can supply a complete detailed documentation package including the final data books. Our final data books have been used to set the industry standards for many vendors’ final data book submissions. We can accommodate the process of uploading/downloading documents to either the client’s FTP site or via email.
Yes. Easton Industrial Air has completed documentation packages ranging from small project to mega project. Including searchable final certified data books and MRB record books in both hard and electronic copies if required.
Our manufacturer follows AMCA standards for spark resistant/explosion proof construction and we will regularly build fans to meet these requirements. We can also build from special materials for corrosive resistance i.e. FRP (fiberglass) or stainless steel.
Absolutely this can be accommodated. We have product cross-reference software as well as years of experience in this area.
We work closely with our customers to provide the most relevant information including detailed drawings, IO&Ms and clear instructions to help with their installation needs and requirements.
Absolutely. We can provide Auto CAD drawings and 3D model renderings using SolidWorks® that you will be able to plug into your modelling process.
Aerovent’s Fan Selector™ program provides quick and accurate selections for more than 200 product lines and includes product catalogs, IOM’s and fan related engineering topics in PDF format.
Easton Industrial Air can provide complimentary fan engineering seminars. Our experienced and knowledgeable fan engineers want to share their knowledge with our customers.
Our Sales and Engineering Team is trained in HVAC design and will assist you in equipment selection, sizing and layout. Whether you need a full custom design from initial selection criteria or a simple replacement part, we will work with you to find a solution.

Have a question we haven’t answered? Please send us a message and we will send you an answer soon.