System Design Assistance

System Design Assistance

Easton Industrial Air is dedicated to optimizing our operations. We've eagerly tackled the complexities of document deliverables, concentrating on establishing a comprehensive library to meet crucial deadlines for time-sensitive information. Our corporate ethos revolves around honesty and transparency, ensuring our customers receive the utmost in service quality. Our achievement hinges on nurturing relationships fused with robust communication, both with our clients and manufacturing partners.

We aim to be your primary choice for HVAC equipment selection and design support. Our team of in-house engineers and manufacturers’ designers will collaborate closely with your project from its inception to its successful conclusion, ensuring an optimal fit and performance.

We offer access to Aerovent’s Fan Selector software, along with comprehensive training, enabling you to efficiently and accurately choose from their extensive range of over 200 individual products.

Additionally, we can provide you with product catalogues, IO&M Manuals, and other pertinent engineering resources.

Furthermore, our resources encompass an extensive database of Building Information Monitoring (B.I.M.) through Autodesk© Revit® software, featuring parametric 3D modeling components of Aerovent fans and blowers. This capability allows you to save valuable time and resources during the equipment space determination phase of building modeling.