Air Barriers

Benefits of Air Curtains on Industrial Doors

Commercial air curtains

Commercial air curtains are a staple feature in high-traffic areas, providing a multitude of benefits beyond their aesthetic appeal. Operating silently, these curtains create a barrier that effectively separates indoor and outdoor environments, enhancing comfort by preventing drafts and maintaining consistent temperatures.

Additionally, they contribute significantly to energy savings by reducing heating or cooling loss, making them a crucial investment for businesses looking to improve both comfort and sustainability.

Industrial air curtains

Industrial environments present unique challenges, including temperature fluctuations, dust, debris, and other environmental factors. The heavy-duty air curtains are engineered to meet these demands head-on. Crafted from robust stainless steel, industrial air curtains are purposefully designed to outperform in these rugged settings. 

With powerful airflow capabilities and durable construction, our air curtains effectively create a barrier that helps maintain consistent temperatures and keeps out dust and debris, ensuring a cleaner, more comfortable, and safer working environment for industrial facilities.

How an air barrier works

Air barriers can create efficient seals at doorways by directing the facility's air into a smooth, continuous flow across an open entrance. Similar to a waterfall, the moving air forms a barrier that prevents the escape of air between two spaces with different pressures and climates. Just as a waterfall's flow is uninterrupted and continuous, the smoother and more consistent the airflow of the air barrier, the more difficult it is for outside air to penetrate and breach the seal.


Freezer Aire features strategically timed heating that eliminates condensation issues near cold storage doors.


Air curtains in the industrial product line feature top and bottom access panels for easy access.


Powered Aire offers a wide variety of heating options in both the commercial and industrial product lines.


Powered Aire offers a wide variety of mounting configurations to accommodate every type of door.


Energy savings can only be realized by mounting on the interior of a conditioned space.


Powered Aire’s industrial air curtains feature durable stainless steel cases with direct-drive motor

PRODUCTS & SPECSCommercial and industrial air barrier systems

Enershield partners with a number of commercial companies to develop, deliver, and install energy saving air barriers. These commercial door systems are tailored for specific door heights and are constructed of the most proven and efficient materials to ensure that your commercial door system operates to the highest standards. Durashield &  Durashield HD are designed for doors with a height of 3.0 – 3.6m high.

Enershield has developed three distinct air barrier systems for the industrial sector –Ultrashield,  Xtremeshield, and Magashield. Ranging from 5.4 metres high to 13.5 metres high, these motorized doors provide an energy saving air barrier for a variety of industrial uses, including warehouse doors, receiving doors, and other industrial doors. Built to withstand the harshest of climates, these industrial air barrier systems will provide an economical and energy efficient way to operate.

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Air curtains for industrail uses

​Few applications benefit more from the installation of air curtains than industrial settings. Air curtains provide significant benefits to warehouses, whether on dock doors, service doors, office doors or a variety of other locations. Within industrial applications, air curtains effectively separate temperatures, block insects, dust and debris, improve safety and streamline workflow.

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Thanks for making our building awesome!

Easton’s air barriers have been a game-changer for our facility. They seamlessly integrate into our infrastructure, reducing energy costs and creating a comfortable environment. We couldn’t be happier with the results.

Ava Mitchell

Breathing easy

Safety is paramount in mining, and Easton’s air barriers have improved it dramatically. They help us maintain better air quality by preventing the intrusion of dust and fumes into critical areas. Our workers breathe easier, and our equipment operates more reliably.


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