Air Dispersion

Fabric Air Dispersion System

Flexible and Cost Effective Air Distribution

Fabric Air Dispersion Systems provide an alternative to conventional ducted ventilation systems. They supply even air dispersion with significant ease of installation and comparatively lower cost. The metal ducting is replaced with a series of interconnected fabric tubes designed to meet exact building specifications. There are many models and configurations design to suit the needs of varying applications.

Noiseless Ventilation

Under normal operating conditions, fabric ducts generate a minimum of noise, making this product the first choice of end users and architects.

Lightweight Solution

Fabrics weigh no more than 100-400 g/m2. This results in feather-weight loads on building structures and minimizes site labour.

Improved Indoor Air Quality

Our unique and flexible approach to air distribution systems, involving a number of proprietary fabrics and flow models, ensuring maximum comfort in occupied spaces.

No Condensation Problems

Permeable fabrics leak supply air through the entire surface area of fabric ducts. Even with high temperature differences condensation will not settle on fabric ducts during cooling operations.

Draught Free Air Distribution

One of the major advantages, and the initial reason for developing fabric based duct systems, is the absence of any draught. The system also meets any functional requirements for hygiene, aesthetics and ease of maintenance.

Lower Installation Cost

Our unique series of suspension systems, coupled with lightweight fabric ducts drastically cuts down site labour hours

Wide Range of Colours

The fabric ducts is available in an attractive range of colours that will enhance any interior décor.

Easy Maintenance

Fabric ducts are simple to launder and clean when necessary, making planned maintenance cost effective.