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Indoor Air Quality Systems

Clean the Air

Our advanced filtration systems remove ultrafine particles, odors, VOCs, biologicals and gas phase contaminants from outdoor and recirculated air.

Save Energy

Our ultra efficient system saves up to 2/3 less energy reducing horsepower requirements.

EIA provides IAQ Solutions that address all types of airborne contaminants

Often indoor air quality problems are from poor outdoor air quality. Especially in urban areas, ventilation air brought in to meet minimum ventilation air requirements can be contaminated with ultrafine particles (UFPs), odors, exhaust fumes, or a combination thereof.

Biological Contaminants

EIA Air Quality Solutions Sterile Sweep Germicidal UVC Lamps can be mounted to EIA Air Cleaners to provide effective control of airborne organisms.

EIA Cleaners use active-field polarized media to remove even the smallest particles from the air. Polarized filtration greatly improves air cleaning performance due to the three-dimensional loading of particles to media fibers, as opposed to one-dimensional trapping seen in traditional passive filtration. Another inherent mechanism of polarization uses particle agglomeration whereby ultra-fine particles become polarized after passing through the air cleaner and as a result of polarization are attracted to each other, in addition to other chemical contaminants, to form bigger particles that are subsequently captured. This mechanism gives EIA Cleaners their superior ability to capture ultrafine particles. Treated air becomes cleaner than outside air. In testing performed in an office building equipped with EIA Cleaning Systems in downtown ultrafine particle levels were 92-99% lower than the levels in the outdoor air.

VOC and Odour Removal

EIA Cleaners have proven successful at removing VOCs and odors. Using active-field polarization and particle agglomeration, particles that become polarized after passing through the polarized media are attracted to other particles, VOCs and odor molecules to form larger particles that are subsequently captured.

Gas phase contaminants also have a number of sources. Inside a building they can come from furnishings, cleaning supplies, paints and finishes, and people. Outdoor sources tend to be from combustion processes; vehicles, kitchen exhaust, diesel generators, etc. Common VOC and odor problems include:

Adhesives Body Odours Chemicals
Cleaning Chemicals Formaldehyde Furnishings Off-Gassing
Human Waste Paints & Finishes Pet Odours
Residue from Smoke Tobacco Smoke Urine

Reduce Maintenance Costs

Through longer service intervals, eliminating pre-filters and post-filters, and simplifying handling and disposal.

Indoor air quality has a direct impact on the health and productivity of employees and occupants the operational life of electronics and equipment ongoing energy operating and maintenance costs.

Carbon footprints and bottom-line results at the intersection of IAQ energy and maintenance Easton Industrial Air (EIA) air quality solutions have a broad range of clean air solutions and a proven track record for providing sustainable solutions that improve indoor air quality while saving energy and reducing operating costs.

EIA can clean your air to control infectious aerosols and all EIA air cleaners remove ultrafine particles odors and VOCs without ionizing or ozone generation. With 20 percent of energy consumption in commercial buildings coming from HVAC supply and return fan usage we save you energy and can cut fan energy in half. Our solutions are ideal for new construction or retrofitting into existing buildings we reduce your maintenance costs. EIA quality solutions use innovative technologies that provide advanced and affordable solutions to optimize air quality energy consumption and their impact on the environment. Call us today for a free life cycle cost analysis.

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