Easton Industrial Air offers a selection of industrial louvers manufactured in Canada. The louvers may be constructed from extruded aluminum, galvanized or stainless steel to meet your specifications. There a number of different configurations to choose from:

Stationary – Stationary louvers are applied in settings that require supply and exhaust ventilation with minimal protection from outside weather penetration. Both Non-drainable and drainable designs are available.

Drainable – Drainable louvers are for structures that necessitate excellent ventilation while avoiding the entry of water or other weather. These louvers are generally built with a gutter at the front of the blade which channels water in the direction of the jambs and away from the building.

Operable – These louvers include both stationary and operable blades into a single frame. This design retains the appearance of a stationary louver when you close the adjustable blades. They can be operated manually or as well as by using a controllable damper actuator.

Acoustic – Acoustically insulated louver blades supply superb noise absorption for outflowing sound. The surface area is greater which accounts for the reduced depth.

We will customize the size, type, finish, and configuration to suit your project requirements. Please contact us to see how we can meet your expectations.

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